Gregg Hall - Neil Young Rust Never Sleeps tribute

Neil Young “Rust Never Sleeps” tribute show

Once he got a taste of music and movies mixed together, Gregg “Cheech” Hall just couldn’t get enough. So now with a couple of successful productions of “The Last Waltz” underneath his guitar strings, he’s moving on to Neil Young’s film “Rust Never Sleeps.”

Hall has formed Deece Productions to produce the shows, and he wants to continue putting local musicians together with famous moments of musical history.

While “The Last Waltz” was a grand production featuring about 30 musicians, “Rust Never Sleeps” requires just five.

Hall tagged Billy Hembd to play Neil Young.

“He is the absolute perfect fit for Neil,” Hall said. “He plays Neil better than Neil.”

Joining Hembd in the production will be Matt Mahlum on drums, Cody Appel on piano and organ, Tim Powers on bass, and Hall on guitar.

“I’ve got a bunch of other ideas we’re going to try out,” he said, based on the success of “The Last Waltz.”

Like “The Last Waltz,” “Rust Never Sleeps” will be staged at The Muse, 1353 Avon St. The church-turned-theater is the perfect venue, Hall said.

“My Aunt Patty helps out over there, and I’ve kind of got some North Side roots, anyway. The place is so cool, and the acoustics are awesome. I was just kind of blown away.”

But he didn’t want to keep repeating the same show, Hall said, and it was difficult finding open dates for that many musicians.

For “Rust Never Sleeps,” a bit of the movie will be played before the local musicians take over. And that’s when the fun begins.

“Everybody’s there to have a good time.”

source: La Crosse Tribune “Local musicians collaborate on production of Neil Young classic”