Gregg Hall - Pearl Jam tribute show

Pearl Jam “Ten” tribute show

Gregg “Cheech” Hall of Deece Productions is back with another couple of themed shows, once again choosing artists and particular albums to re-create with area musicians.

First up is the Tribute to Pearl Jam’s “Ten” at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 8, 2012 at The Muse Theatre, 1353 Avon St.

“I will be playing Eddie Vedder, and Moon Boot Posse will be backing me up,” Hall said.

“I chose Pearl Jam because I want to reach a different demographic than I usually hit,” he said. “All the other shows have been from the ’70s — my classic rock. Now Pearl Jam is in the classic rock category, but it is what I grew up on,” Hall said.

“‘Ten’ is one of the soundtracks to my high school and adolescent years. I know I share that same connection with others,” Hall said. “Hopefully, I am correct on that.”

source – La Crosse Tribune “Local musicians pay tribute to Pearl Jam, Neil Young”