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9-6-17- DP and Moon Tunes present Woodstock’94 in the Park-

HELLO FOLKS!! This year we will be celebarting two nights of Woodstock in the Park! This is a fundraiser to raise money for the La Crosse Rotary Club and the Moontunes Summer Concert Series! This year we are celebrating Woodstock ’94 Wednesday September 6!! Hope to see you all there!!!! Thursday lineup will be announced soon!!! Free Show! Support local live music!!

The line up includes-
5:00-5:10- Joe Cody as Country Joe McDonald
5:15-5:35-Weathered Pigs as Collective Soul
5:40-6:00-Floyd Turbo as Aerosmith
6:05-6:25- Red Sky Warning as Nine Inch Nails
6:30-6:50- Ryan Torgerson and Bandsaw Brothers as Red Hot Chili Peppers
6:55-7:15- Mr. Blink as the Violent Femmes
7:20-7:40-The Band That Should Not Be as Metallica
7:45-8:05- Irene Keenan as Melissa Etheridge
8:10-8:30- GHWB w/ Lucas Hembd as Blind Melon

11-19-16 DP presents- Bleed the Freak (Alice and Chains Tribute) PSB

Dp presents-Bleed the Freak-Alice n Chains tribute Tickets are $10 in advance $12.00 at the door
Tickets available now online at and Monday Oct 10 at Pearl St. Brewery, Deaf Ear Records, Instrument Repair of LaCrosse, Old Towne Strings, and Tree Hugger’s Coop.
2 sets plus an acoustic set in between

James Haugen-drums
Neil Merrit-bass
Erik Bolstad-guitar
Jeff Lenser-guitar
Cody Miles-Vocals
Special guest-Gregg “Cheech” Hall

3-26-16- DP and Damn Tasty present: Dinner and a show! feat. Neil Young Tribute

This show will feature a 4 course seated and served meal provided by Damn Tasty. The dinner will be followed by a tribute to Neil Young Unplugged featuring Gregg “Cheech” Hall and Billy Hembd. Door open at 6. Dinner at 7:00 and show to follow. Tickets are $50 and our available online at and at Deaf Ear Records, Tree Hugger’s Coop, PSB, Old Towne Strings, and Instrument Repair of Lacrosse. Tickets are available until march 21.

2-12-16-the Court Above Main- Deece Productions Presents: a tribute to Bob Dylan

Deece Productions presents a tribute to Bob Dylan! We are excited to get back at the Court Above Main for another great show! Tickets are available online and at Deaf Ear Records, Instrument Repair of La Crosse, PSB, and Old Towne Strings Monday January 11. Also online at
The Band will feature
Gregg “Cheech” Hall Vocals and Guitar
Laun Braithwaite- Vocals and Guitar
Nick Lanzel-Bass
Matt Mahlum- Drums
Featuring special guest- Kit Mayer and more TBA
All Rise!! Have a great day!

Woodstock 45th Anniversary Tribute

Woodstock 45th Anniversary tribute – Riverside Park Bandshell

September 3rd marks the last Wednesday night Moon Tunes at Riverside Park in Lacrosse, WI. We will be celebrating one of the most famous music festivals of all time” Woodstock”. This show will feature over 20 to 30 of the regions best musicians portraying some of rock n roll’s most beloved heros.

Janis Joplin – Julica Rose Kelly
CCR – Mr. Blink
The Band – Gregg Hall and the Wrecking Ball
Jefferson Airplane – Irene Jr Keenan and the Skeleton Crew
The Who – Actual Size
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Sum Chunk
Santana – Dave Rogers Band
Grateful Dead – Innocuous Voodoo
Joe Cocker – Code Man and Blind Baby Ollin
CSNY – William Hembd, Lucas Hembd, Mike Caucutt and Gregg” Cheech” Hall
And a very special encore performance from none other than Howard “Guitar” Luedtke & Blue Max as the late, great Johnny Winter!!!
more tba

Facebook event page: Moon tunes and Deece Productions present: 45th anniversary Woodstock Tribute!

This is going to be one for the history books!!! Hope you can all make it!
-Gregg “Cheech” Hall
Artistic Director
Deece Productions

Woodstock 45th Anniversary Tribute

Gregg Hall - Tom Petty tribute

Tom Petty tribute show

Deece Productions will turn its attention to the work of Tom Petty at its next show, set for Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013 at The Muse Theatre in La Crosse.

The show will feature all the songs from 1989’s “Full Moon Fever” and 1994’s “Wildflowers,” Petty’s first and second solo albums.

The band will feature Gregg “Cheech” Hall, Laun Braithwaite, Brian Beard, “Butcher” Taylor, Eddie “Hondo” Juntunen, Matt Pudas, and Javier Trejo.

Gregg Hall - Tom Petty tribute-2

source: La Crosse Tribune “Tom Petty tribute show set for February”

Gregg Hall - Neil Young Gold Rush tribute

Neil Young “After the Gold Rush” tribute show

The sounds of the ’70s (and ’60s) will echo on La Crosse’s North Side this weekend, with tribute shows Saturday and Sunday featuring Neil Young and Otis Redding, respectively.

The Saturday Neil Young show is the latest production by Gregg “Cheech” Hall, and it’s the third time he’s tapped Young as the recipient of a tribute. Previous shows featured Young’s work from “Rust Never Sleeps,” “Harvest” and “Zuma,” while this weekend’s show at The Muse Theatre will pull it’s first set from Young’s third solo album, “After the Gold Rush.”

Billy Hembd stood in for Young in the two previous shows, but he was unavailable this time around so Hall is taking on the lead vocal chores as well as playing guitar. “I hope people aren’t going to be too disappointed,” Hall said.

Hall will be backed by bassist Tim Powers and keyboardist Eddie “Hondo” Juntunen from the White Iron Band, which Hall also plays in. In addition, former White Iron Band guitarist Javier Trejo and drummer Eric Gerke will round out the band.

“We’re going to have a killer band,” Hall said. “It’s going to be a good show.”

“After the Gold Rush” was released in August 1970 on the heels of the huge success of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Déjà Vu.” Most of “After the Gold Rush” mines the country-folk vein so prevalent on Young’s huge 1972 hit, “Harvest.”

The album does, however, feature “Southern Man,” a rocker that inspired Lynyrd Skynrd to dedicate a verse of “Sweet Home Alabama” to taking a poke at Young.

“After the Gold Rush” had two singles, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” and “When You Dance I Can Really Love,” the former a top 40 hit. But the songs that have endured in the classic rock play list are “Southern Man” and the title song.

The album was recorded with Crazy Horse and Stephen Stills, and was noteworthy as the introduction to the big time for an 18-year-old Nils Lofgren, now a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

Lofgren played piano on the album, something he had little experience with, being much more adept at guitar. Hall also will try his hand at piano during the Muse Theatre show, the second half of which will feature a galaxy of Young’s many other greats.

source: La Crosse Tribune “Young to get the ‘Cheech’ treatment”

Gregg Hall - Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute

Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute show

Aaron Huntington wore his worries on his face. It was just a few weeks before he was to stand in for singer Ronnie Van Zant in a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute show and it seemed as if the whole thing was destined to crash and burn.

Gathered on a Wednesday evening in the basement of Jimbo Zill’s guitar shop in La Crosse, Huntington and his musical mates were struggling. New drummer Eric Gerke was sitting in for the first time, one of the guitarists didn’t show up for the rehearsal and the other two guitarists occasionally couldn’t remember who was supposed to play which part.

Huntington was tabbed to sing for the Skynyrd show because of his well-known love of the band and because of his proven skills as a frontman as singer, guitarist and “alpha hog” for Sowbelly Bitchhog. He describes his band thusly: “If Skynyrd and (Black) Sabbath had a baby, it’d be us.”

A 1997 graduate of La Crosse Logan High School who now lives in Onalaska, Huntington wasn’t even born when a plane crash on Oct. 20, 1977, claimed the lives of Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, backup singer Cassie Gaines and three others. But if he had been alive, he’d have mourned the loss deeply, and he takes the upcoming tribute to one of his favorite bands very seriously.

“It’s going to be about rockin’ these songs out and doing them justice,” Huntington said.

“One More From the Road” — named for the band’s September 1976 double live album — is the sixth musical salute put together by Gregg “Cheech” Hall, a string of shows that started with a re-creation of The Band’s farewell concert movie, “The Last Waltz,” featuring 17 musicians.

If Huntington had been involved in any of the previous tribute shows, he would have known he didn’t need to worry. Hall is very selective about the people he recruits and they have always done whatever it took to get the band tightened up in time.

“Everybody comes together in a pinch,” said Hall, one of three guitarists involved in the project and a big fan of Skynyrd himself. “It’s going to be fun. We’re not going to suck.”

Bassist Tim Powers, who has performed in most of Hall’s tribute shows, echoed Hall’s confidence. “It’s always this way,” he said. “A week or two before the show, things begin to coalesce.”

Befitting a show dedicated to the music of Skynyrd, the band includes guitarists of the highest caliber. In addition to Hall and Zill, the band includes Paul Matushek of Moon Boot Posse.

Gerke, who plays with Zill and Mike Von Muchow in Actual Size and Skeleton Crew (Irene Keenan’s recently formed backing band), is filling in on drums for Ryan Torgerson, also of Moon Boot Posse. Torgerson discovered he had advanced in a prestigious drumming competition that is scheduled for the same weekend as the Skynyrd show (Sept. 20-21).

Rounding out the Skynyrd band on keyboards will be Nancy Stoll, a teacher at Onalaska’s Irving Pertzsch Elementary who had Hall as a student when she first started her teaching career.

Putting together a band and getting an evening’s worth of music put together normally is a process that takes months, but Hall is so plugged into the local music scene that he has a knack for picking people motivated enough and skilled enough to shorten that process to a matter of weeks.

Part of the reason Hall can do that is the musicians he picks love the artists they’re saluting and they love the idea of doing a show at The Muse Theatre where they will have the audience’s full attention.

“It’s not like a bar, where people are getting drunk and stupid. They’re there to listen to the music,” Hall said. “That’s part of the reason every person I’ve ever asked (to play a tribute show) has said ‘yes.’”

The band will do most if not all of the songs on “One More From the Road,” and might throw in some other favorites, such as “The Ballad of Curtis Loew.” And the show will offer one of the extremely rare cases in which shouting “Free Bird” at a band will be appropriate and will get a response that involves playing the song.

source: La Crosse Tribune “Sweet home La Crosse: Skynyrd salute coming to Muse”