9-7-19-DP presents the 5th Annual Woodstock in the Park- Riverside Park

Hello folks! Thsi year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of WOODSTOCK!! Show starts at 2pm Saturday September 7!!!
Here is our lineup!
Woodstock 2019
2-2:10- Joe Cody as Country Joe Mc Donald
2:10-2:20- Dan Berger as Tim Hardin
2:25- 2:45- GHWB as the Band
2:50-3:10- Toaster Ghost as Jimi Hendrix
3:15-3:35- Craig Olsen Band as Ten Years after
3:40-4:00- Dave Rogers Band as Santana
4:05-4:25-Flibbertijibbet as the Grateful Dead
4:30-4:50- Scott Jensen and friends as Blood, Sweat, and Tears
4:55-5:15- Rhythmic Justice as Sly and the Family Stone
5:20-5:40-Garden of Eatin’ Family Band as CSNY
5:45-6:05- Executives as CCR
6:10-6:30- Actual size as the Who
6:35-6:55- Atomic Tail fins as Sha Na Na
7-7:45-Mr. Blink as Jefferson Airplane w/ Irene Keenan as Janis Joplin and Cody Appel Joe Cocker