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Pearl Jam “Ten” tribute show

Gregg “Cheech” Hall of Deece Productions is back with another couple of themed shows, once again choosing artists and particular albums to re-create with area musicians.

First up is the Tribute to Pearl Jam’s “Ten” at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 8, 2012 at The Muse Theatre, 1353 Avon St.

“I will be playing Eddie Vedder, and Moon Boot Posse will be backing me up,” Hall said.

“I chose Pearl Jam because I want to reach a different demographic than I usually hit,” he said. “All the other shows have been from the ’70s — my classic rock. Now Pearl Jam is in the classic rock category, but it is what I grew up on,” Hall said.

“‘Ten’ is one of the soundtracks to my high school and adolescent years. I know I share that same connection with others,” Hall said. “Hopefully, I am correct on that.”

source – La Crosse Tribune “Local musicians pay tribute to Pearl Jam, Neil Young”

Neil Young “Rust Never Sleeps” tribute show

Once he got a taste of music and movies mixed together, Gregg “Cheech” Hall just couldn’t get enough. So now with a couple of successful productions of “The Last Waltz” underneath his guitar strings, he’s moving on to Neil Young’s film “Rust Never Sleeps.”

Hall has formed Deece Productions to produce the shows, and he wants to continue putting local musicians together with famous moments of musical history.

While “The Last Waltz” was a grand production featuring about 30 musicians, “Rust Never Sleeps” requires just five.

Hall tagged Billy Hembd to play Neil Young.

“He is the absolute perfect fit for Neil,” Hall said. “He plays Neil better than Neil.”

Joining Hembd in the production will be Matt Mahlum on drums, Cody Appel on piano and organ, Tim Powers on bass, and Hall on guitar.

“I’ve got a bunch of other ideas we’re going to try out,” he said, based on the success of “The Last Waltz.”

Like “The Last Waltz,” “Rust Never Sleeps” will be staged at The Muse, 1353 Avon St. The church-turned-theater is the perfect venue, Hall said.

“My Aunt Patty helps out over there, and I’ve kind of got some North Side roots, anyway. The place is so cool, and the acoustics are awesome. I was just kind of blown away.”

But he didn’t want to keep repeating the same show, Hall said, and it was difficult finding open dates for that many musicians.

For “Rust Never Sleeps,” a bit of the movie will be played before the local musicians take over. And that’s when the fun begins.

“Everybody’s there to have a good time.”

source: La Crosse Tribune “Local musicians collaborate on production of Neil Young classic”

The Last Waltz tribute show

Legendary concert movie “The Last Waltz” will be given a local flavor when La Crosse area musicians recreate the movie for one live performance at 7:30 p.m. Friday at The Muse Theater, 1353 Avon St.

A large cast of veteran area musicians will perform with clips from the original film interwoven into the performances.

Organizer and local man about music Gregg “Cheech” Hall said he has wanted to do this for a long time.

“I am a big fan of The Band and ‘The Last Waltz.’ I threw around the idea to some musician friends and we decided to do it. Everyone who is involved is doing a really awesome job,” he said, and he had no trouble finding the right musicians.

“It was actually pretty easy. I got Brownie (Brent Brown) to be Dylan because he plays a lot of Dylan. Billy (Hembd) plays lots of Neil Young,” he said, so that was also an easy choice. “I chose who I thought would be a good fit.”

And then he went looking for a venue and found The Muse.

“The Muse is a beautiful place and the setting and atmosphere are perfect. I wanted to do it somewhere different than a smoky bar because it’s more like a performance concert than a gig. And Vicki (Elwood) is really cool, and she’s really easy to work with. It is going to be a special night. There are so many good musicians in the cast. The music is some of the most influential and legendary tunes of all time, in my opinion anyway.”

Playing the parts of The Band and the other musicians are:

Robbie Robertson – Cheech Hall
Rick Danko – Tim Powers
Levon Helm – Frank Utecht
Garth Hudson – The Feelin’
Richard Manuel – Rick Weeth
Ronnie Hawkins – Brian Beard
Dr. John – The Feelin’
Neil Young – Billy Hembd
Neil Diamond – Adam Palm
Joni Mitchell – Nancy Caucutt
Paul Butterfield – Shawn Virock
Muddy Waters – Mark Grundhoefer
Eric Clapton – Cody Appel
Emmylou Harris – Fayme Rochelle
Van Morrison – Mike Caucutt
Bob Dylan – Brent Brown
Mystery Guitar Player – Jimbo Zill.
Guest bands: Mr. Blink, The Smokin’ Bandits, Stumpwater and Burnt Brownies.

source – La Crosse Tribune – Area musicians re-staging ‘The Last Waltz’