Americana Artist
Americana Artist

Meet Gregg Hall

Gregg Hall has been a cornerstone of the western Wisconsin music scene for nearly half his life. At 40 years old, he’s played on a dozen albums, recorded over 100 songs, and performed countless shows as a sideman, frontman, and solo/duo act. You’d think he’d be easing up, settling into a comfortable groove.

Think again.

With his newly released album, “Echoes in the Treetops,” Hall makes it clear that inside his chest beats the raging heart of a rocker. The seven-song collection has the fire, the effervescence, of a debut album, but it’s seasoned with the soul and perspective of a high-mileage road warrior and the wisdom of a one-time party animal who saw the light and found sobriety four years ago.

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A member of the Smokin’ Bandits from 2004-13, Hall also has played in the White Iron Band since 2009 and toured with Nicholas David from 2014-17.

In 2013, he formed Gregg Hall and the Wrecking Ball, recording three albums of his take on outlaw country backed by top-flight La Crosse bandmates: “This, That and the Land” in 2016, “The Mrs. Hippy Sessions, Vol. 1” in 2017 and “True Story” in 2020. Going country didn’t exactly go against Hall’s nature. His first concert, after all, was Johnny Cash, and he named his second son Waylon, age 7 (he also has a 14-year-old son, Shay).

Over the years he’s shared bills with Todd Snider, Jackson Browne, Bill Miller, Shooter Jennings, Little Feat, Dave Simonett, Whey Jennings, and Trampled by Turtles, just to name a few.

“He’s dedicated his life to music and making music,” said Chad Staehly, a longtime friend who produced “Echoes from the Treetops.” “I saw that commitment in Gregg when I first met him, when he was essentially a kid. It was obvious to me that he was a lifer.”- Chad Staehly (Todd Snider, Hard Working Americans, High Hawks) ‘

“Every time I hear Cheech play I get a guitar lesson and I wish I could sing half that good. He makes entertaining look easy because he loves to do it. Go see him Play, you will be glad you did. ” – Joe Price

“While Hall’s guitar playing makes the songs crackle and shine, lyrically, Hall’s songs brim with maturity. He touches on themes of love, loss, lust, faith, defiance and hope. Longtime fans and La Crosse folks will get an extra kick out of some songs, with lyrical references that place them firmly in the Coulee Region.” – Randy Erickson

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