Gregg Hall & The Wrecking Ball

Info on Gregg Hall & The Wrecking Ball

Gregg Hall and the Wrecking Ball originates from the historic rivertown/musical mecca LaCrosse, WI. Gregg Hall, founder of Deece Productions, has been a staple in the Midwest music scene for over a decade with his bands Mitgee Evers, Smokin’ Bandits, Nicholas David and the Feelin’ Band, and outlaw country Minnesota legends the White Iron Band. Gregg Hall and the Wrecking Ball is his first solo project getting back to his country life style roots and back woods upbringing. This band features some of the best musicians southwestern WI has to offer featuring: Gregg Hall (guitar, vocals), Laun Braithwiate (guitar, vocals), Corey Minor (drums), Dedrick Benz (bass), Dan Kimpel (pedal steel), and Lisa Freedlund(keyboards). GHWB is just good Ol’ American country music. we just released our brand new album “True Story.”  Buy it now at  It will be available for digital download soon. Buy our other albums “This, That, and the Land” and “The Mrs. Hippy Sessions” at, and